Autohotkey across multiple computers using Dropbox · 321 days ago

Being in the IT field, I use a lot of computers and also end up wiping my computers frequently so this tip is one I could not do without now. It combines the power of Dropbox with the automation of Autohotkey. It ensures that whatever I do in Autohotkey (which I use a lot for text expansion..and a few other things) is sync’d across all computers I use. Steps are below to get this solution running for you (assumes you have a dropbox account):

Step 1: Install Dropbox and Autohotkey. Might I suggest another timesaver, to do so.

Step 2: Create a folder called AHK in your Dropbox

Step 3: Create a blank script file called myscripts.ahk If you need a starter template, you can borrow mine here.

Step 4: Run Autohotkey, right click on the H in your task tray and select “Edit this Script”

Step 5: Add this line into your Autohotkey Script (Check the path for the correct name and location..yours may be different depending on where you keep your Dropbox folder):

#INCLUDE C:\Users\YOURNAME\Desktop\Dropbox\AHK\myscripts.ahk

Repeat Step 4 and 5 on any computer on which you are using AutoHotkey and your “MyScripts” file will be loaded for you…text expansion goodness anywhere.

Advanced note: My work computer has a user name of sheuchert and my home computer has a username of sean so to keep the script the same across all computers you can use the SYMLINK command to create virtual folders with the right name but which point to the right location depending on my computer.

Here is another reason I love Autohotkey:

Keyboard Shortcut to display file extensions:

And of course, typing this “Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board” by only typing this: “#pvnc” is golden.

— Sean Heuchert



Content Management for K12 · 556 days ago

Here are some primers on the content management/indexing solutions being looked at for PVNC.

Pearson Equella


Blackboard Xplor

We were going to look at Moodle Rooms but it looks like Blackboard has bought them up and will likely cannibalize it to incorporate into Xplor.

Google Play for Education

Edmodo Backpack

iTunes U Course Manager

— Sean Heuchert



Students and the Internet · 820 days ago

Love this quote:

Students do not magically gain the ability at the end of the school day or after graduation to navigate complex, challenging, unfiltered digital information spaces. If you don’t teach them how to navigate the unfiltered Internet appropriately and safely while you have them, who’s going to?


— Sean Heuchert